Breakfast with a son

One son had a whole week off for half-term; the other only had a day. I felt bad for Son1, so on his day off, I decided to take him out for breakfast.

“Where shall we go?”


“Well, that’s really a lunch place. Let’s go to Arabian Ranches, the new restaurant.”

“Awwww.” [Cheers up when he remembers what’s there.]

“Mummy, can I go and play?”

“Okay, but come back when the food arrives, yes?” [Scampers off to play in the little playarea by himself, while I sit by myself at the table.]

Breakfast arrives – boiled eggs for him, an omelette for me. The soldieurs on his plate aren’t exactly fighting for space, given the mouse-size portion (hardly enough to feed a boy who can almost wolf down a loaf of bread) – and the buns in the basket are too fancy for him.

“So how’s school?”

I had time to photograph the view, watch the golfers and twiddle my thumbs
I had time to photograph the view, watch the golfers and twiddle my thumbs


“I’m cold!”

“That’s why I told you to wear your sweater this morning!”

I run through some other conversation openers with him.

“I thought we might be able to talk at breakfast – you know, chat!”

“I didn’t.” [Looks at me as though I’d suggested dragging him through the bushes on the golf course backwards.]

“I’m REALLY cold Mum.”

“Okay, well finish bashing your egg shells into the egg cups and we’ll get back into the car. You’ll warm up on the way home.”

“I forgot the iPad.”

“No, you didn’t. Here it is.”

I hand it over while I finish drinking my tea.

“Five minutes, then we’ll leave.”

A chat – what was I thinking? Who’s coming with me next time?

15 thoughts on “Breakfast with a son

  1. Molly Gryskiewicz says:

    oh gosh, sounds oh so familiar…it’s had me worried lately, the 8 year old isn’t talking to me like he used too 🙁 Too bad the boys can’t hang together & you and I can chat!

    • Yes, please do!! I sometimes miss those days when they’re contained in a pram or high chair. At mealtimes, you should hear the number of times I have to say,’Just SIT down, will you?!’ How hard can it be? Very, apparently! xx

  2. This post keeps popping in my head whenever my two boys compete for my attention during meal times (they are 4 and 1 haha). One day they will ignore me so I have to cherish these moments! right? Thanks for sharing.

    • Ah yes, I’m not sure if the competing for attention has stopped, but they definitely know how to ignore me now when they choose to! It’s like he’s 8 going on 15. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! 🙂 x

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